Background :

Bumi Serpong Damai, or BSD City, is one of the planned cities in Indonesia, located in Banten. BSD City is one of the satellite cities of Jakarta, which was originally intended to be an independent city, where all facilities are provided, ranging from industrial areas, offices, trade, education, tourism, and housing. Currently, the name “BSD” does not refer to an abbreviation but rather a stand-alone word.

Challenge :

It is an honor for Metamorphosys to be able to contribute with BSD through visualization of graphic design. BSD requires visualization of graphic designs for their merchandising and marketing needs, here we are here to provide solutions in the form of graphic design.

Solution :

To achieve client satisfaction, we always provide the best solution for them according to their desired needs. We are also very open to all input regarding the visual design that we have prepared so that the visual design can reach a mutual agreement and is in accordance with the target client.


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