Background : 

Hasnul Suhaimi is form CEO PT Telkomsel Tbk, CMO PT Indosat Tbk, CEO PT XL Axiata Tbk and now commissioner PT Petrosea, PT Tripatra, PT Eureka. An executive and professional certified business coach. The Best CEO 3x Selular Awards.

Challenge :

Utilize social media as much as possible in digital marketing. As a consultant, Metamorphosys conducts follower research, makes plans to carry out social media strategy, and plans the execution of social media management which will run on Hasnul Suhaimi’s social media.

Solution :

Metamorphosys helps for designing and developing the social media content so that audience can learn from educational content that we provide and make it easier for audience to get information about Hasnul Suhaimi’s personal branding.

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