Background : 
PT Artha Buana Samudera (ABS Land) is a company engaged in land development for residential and commercial purposes and established since 2011. They continue to strive to oer residential and commercial products that are designed and built with careful consideration in order to provide comfort and added value to end users.

Challenge :

Although ABS Land have had a corporate identity, as a high-integrity company they need an advanced proper branding accordant to internal team expectation. Metamorphosys are involved to design their new logo and its derivative, including stationery set.

Solution :

Inspired by bussiness sector they handled as a real estate and constructive developer, the new logo have a 3 layers that represent it; innovation symbol as top side, sky as middle side, and residence where occupant lives as bottom side. Meaning of ‘happiness’ and ‘magnificent’ are visualized in red and gold as its main color.

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