Background : 
CIMB Niaga was first established on September 26, 1955 under the name of Bank Niaga. Since its inception, CIMB Niaga has focused on building core values ​​and professionalism in the banking sector, until finally CIMB Niaga is widely known as a trusted provider of quality products and services.

Challenge :

The success of CIMB Niaga at this point is inseparable from various promotional efforts to support the sustainability of the banking business being carried out. Therefore, promotional tools become one of the things that is seriously considered by CIMB Niaga.

Solution :

Metamorphosys designed CIMB Niaga promotional tools consisting of calendars, customer agenda journals, and angpao envelopes intended for customers. Lifting the main theme of ‘Kejar Mimpi’ (Pursuing Dreams), all promotional tools are designed in such a way as to be able to convey the theme.