Background : 
Ecorasa is a producer of environmentally friendly Food & Beverages (F&B) packaging that is easily biodegradable. So it does not endanger the environment and ecosystem. As a Business to Business (B2B) company, Ecorasa runs its business both online and offline. The reason they use online media is that the cost is more affordable, but the reach of potential audiences is more targeted and targeted.

Challenge :

Ecorasa uses website media and social media to market its products. The social media used are Facebook and Instagram. Ecorasa entrusts the design and development of their websites and social media to Metamorphosys Studio.

Solution :

The use of social media as one of the media to run digital marketing is expected to be able to increase inquiries regarding their products. To be able to achieve these goals, social media planning is also made to carry out strategies that have been determined based on followers research on Ecorasa’s social media. The series of social media management conducted by Metamorphosys Studio includes monitoring, monthly reporting, and also KOL activation.