Background : 
PT Parkasa Wajendra Karya is a construction/civil development company that surrounded with young, professional, and happy environment also provide a premium service based on international standard.

Challenge :

Being a brand-new construction company doesn’t make Parkasa cluless for their best visual identity. From the beginning, Parkasa knows corporate logo is valuable and take a critical role to represent vision, mission, and soul of corporate. Therefore, Metamorphosys are engaged to make their longing comes true.

Solution :

Inspired by ‘Wajendra’ that means ‘great king’ in Javanese, the logo we designed represent the crown. To reinforce Parkasa is a construction company, 3D concrete block used as logo visual. The crown is formed uniquely within 3 stacks of concrete block, refer to three founders behind PT Parkasa Wajendra Karya. 2 main colors of logo have special meanings; Gold for success and prosperity, and Dark Blue for strong commitment and elegance.

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