Background : 
Yuasa Battery is a company that manufactures car and motorcycle batteries, heavy duty, industrial, from Japan whose products are widely spread across five continents. To support the increasingly broad business movement, Yuasa felt the need to optimize their social media as an effort to do digital marketing.

Challenge :

Metamorphosys Studio in this case acts as a consultant who helps Yuasa to utilize their social media as much as possible in digital marketing. As a consultant, Metamorphosys conducts follower research, makes plans to carry out social media strategy, and plans the execution of social media management which will run on Yuasa Battery social media, starting from Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Solution :

Not only that, in carrying out social media management for Yuasa Battery, Metamorphosys also cooperates with several key opinion leaders (KOL) to run KOL activation which is expected to increase public awareness of Yuasa Battery products.