Background :

PT. Commonwealth Bank (“Commonwealth Bank”) is a subsidiary of the Sydney-based Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), which is Australia’s largest public financial institution listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Commonwealth Bank focuses on the Retail Banking and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) segment, and provides a variety of banking products and services – as well as is a Wealth Management service provider – by offering financial solutions tailored to serve customer needs.

Challenge :

Commonwealth bank wants to improve the design for its calendar design needs. As a graphic design service provider, we will execute as best we can.

Solution :

We provide some references regarding the calendar design. Then discuss with the client by adjusting the wishes of the client. After that, we will execute the idea that has been discussed in the briefing, and then the client will provide input again with the design that we have made if it is still not suitable. We do this to achieve client satisfaction with the services we have provided.



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