Background :

PT. Dwi Mutiara Sejahtera, focus on supplying products and services to Power Plant in Indonesia. Established in 2005, PT. Dwi Mutiara Sejahtera has strive in building an adamant reputation and strong customer base. Their main focus is in the process of provisioning of goods and services for Indonesia’s Power Plants.

Challenge :

As a large company that continues to grow, the company profile is one important element that supports the business development of PT Dwi Mutiara Sejahtera.
Company profile is a medium of communication and delivery of information about the company to related parties, both internal and external to the company.

Solution :

The need for this company profile is entrusted by PT Dwi Mutiara Sejahtera to Metamorphosys Studio. Adjusting the company’s needs, Metamorphosys designed PT Dwi Mutiara Sejahtera’s company profile design.


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