Background :

The Bank was established on 27 April 1971 under the name of PT Bank Pasar Pagi Madju. In line with the change in its status from a retail banking to a commercial bank in 1989, the Bank’s name was changed into PT Bank Bintang Manunggal (Bank Bima). This status change had a positive impact on the Bank’s performance and succeeded in attracting Hana Financial Group to take over the majority of the Bank’s shares. The change in the Shareholders was followed by a change in its name into PT Bank Hana. With the presence of its best people, Hana Bank provides an array of products and services designed to meet various customer needs. Given its global reach and global standard of service, Hana Bank promises its customers to be their True Hearted Financial Partner.

Challenge :

We created a concept for the utilization of KOL Shin Tae Yong for Hana Bank. Our idea departs from the spirit of Shin Tae Yong in achieving success, especially in football in Indonesia.

Solution :

We always do our best, with hard work and clear ideas. Especially for tasks like this we focus on designing key visuals, and we always present the results with maximum preview, so we can see how the Shin Tae Yong will look awesome on their visual design.


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