Background : 
Lumina City is developed by PT Indoserena Dwimakmur (PiCGroup), located on Gatot Subroto, Cibodas, Tangerang. Before, this superblock was named as “City of Dream”. Metamorphosys has been asked to rebranding and to frame the whole visual identity. Several names picked as alternatives, according to ewasiness, meaning and uniqueness elements.

Challenge :

Become a mixious integrated superblock in Tangerang which provides apartment, mall, hotel and SOHO to the first home buyers.

Solution :

Through a long consideration, Lumina City comes out as the chosen. Lumina, as its meaning, is believed to represent the value of Lumina City, be the core and light to all. About the colours, the company wants to potray the “Vibrant Living” inside the logo by using colourful yet simple shape of triangles.

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