Metamorphosys & April to August Charity at Yayasan Sayap Ibu Bintaro

Last Sunday, laughter echoed through the halls of Yayasan Sayap Ibu Bintaro as our charity event brought joy to the children!  We kicked things off with a special tour, showcasing the amazing facilities that support the kids’ well-being. From hydrotherapy and physiotherapy rooms to cozy bedrooms, playgrounds, and even a soap-making room, we got a glimpse into their daily lives.

The fun didn’t stop there! We belted out some popular tunes together, including “Kepompong” and “Laskar Pelangi,” creating a lively atmosphere.

To keep the energy high, we brought in a magic show to amaze the children with a dazzling performance!

Fueled by enthusiasm, the children couldn’t resist belting out some of their favorite tunes! They enthusiastically requested “Kicir-Kicir,” “Sabang Sampai Merauke,” and “Bunda,” filling the air with their joyous energy.

To create a lasting memory, we got creative with a fun Thumb Stamp activity! Everyone dipped their thumbs in vibrant colors to build a beautiful tree together.

Knowing no event is complete without delicious treats, we surprised the children with individual snack packs! This fueled their energy for the rest of the day and gave them a yummy treat to share with their friends.

To capture the day’s joy, we all gathered for a giant group photo! With smiles everywhere, it was the perfect way to commemorate the special moments we shared.

Your generosity makes a real difference. Thank you for all donors!

With Love,
Yayasan Sayap Ibu Bintaro,
Sunday, 5 May 2024


Penulis: Ignes Tifanny


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