Background :

Buddhi Dharma University (abbreviated as UBD) is a private university in Karawaci, Tangerang, Banten. This college is a transformation of the Buddhist College, which is managed by the Boen Tek Bio Social and Religious Association. Four higher education institutions have merged, namely STIE Buddhi, STMIK Buddhi, STBA Buddhi, and ASMI Buddhi.

Challenge :

Buddhi Dharma University wanted something different about graphic design for their advertising and marketing needs. Here we execute ideas from clients as well as from us to be able to solve client needs properly.

Solution :

We always provide the best solution to be able to answer the client’s needs. The design of this brochure itself maintains the color of Buddhi Dharma University, which is green in order to maintain and build brand awareness of Buddhi Dharma University itself.



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