Background : 
Ecorasa is a producer of environmentally friendly Food & Beverages (F&B) packaging that is easily biodegradable. So it does not endanger the environment and ecosystem. As a Business to Business (B2B) company, Ecorasa runs its business both online and offline. The reason they use online media is that the cost is more affordable yet chance of targeted potensial audience is high.

Challenge :

Ecorasa asked Metamorphosys to build a website that able to be a source of information for consumers and prospective customers. On the website we make Ecorasa’s web more UI/UX friendly by adding some feature like their vision, mission, product range, ask for sample feature, and contact information.

Solution :

As a one of biodegradable F&B packaging producer, Ecorasa needs a website that can describe what, who and why ecorasa exist. By that challenge, Metamorphosys develops a custom website by adjusting ecorasa’s needs in providing information to consumers through the website media.


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